Proposal/Submission Guidelines


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Submission Guidelines
What we offer are:

One-on-One Author Support; Custom Full-Color Cover; Editing / Proofing Services; ISBN Assignment; LOC Control Number; Copyright Registration and so much more.  We are able to assist you in becoming an international author and to offer you book store availability.  Before your book is complete, we have marketing and PR tools in place for worldwide exposure in many different places to get your information out to the public. 

According to how much work your manuscript needs, determines the amount we charge for your particular project.  Everyone’s submitted work is different.  Our publishing prices range from $899 and up.

Our staff is available to speak with you regarding questions you might have in order to meet your publishing needs.

We are a self-publishing company. This is a great place for people to start when major publishers shut their doors leaving your manuscript in a pile with the others. There are great writers out here and sometimes they are overlooked.


Author Contact Information:

Name:  _______________________________________________________
Address:  _____________________________________________________
City:   ________________________________________________________
State:  ________________________________________________________
Zip:   _________________________________________________________
Country:  _____________________________________________________
Home Phone:  _________________________________________________
Office Phone:  _________________________________________________
Cell Phone:  ___________________________________________________
Email Address:  ________________________________________________
Website Address:  ______________________________________________
Book Information:

Suggested Title:  _______________________________________________
Suggested Subtitle: _____________________________________________
Word Count:  __________________________________________________
Page Count Double-Space:  ______________________________________
Illustrations/Photos:    Yes   No      How Many:  ________________
    B&W
    Color

On a separate piece of paper, typed double-space, please answer the following:

1.   Give a brief summary of your book.
2.   Genre
3.   Describe your book’s message, benefits, and unique qualities.
4.   Describe why readers need your book and its message.
5.   Who did you write this book for?  Who do you think your audience is?
6.   Give a brief description of yourself.
7.   What promotion and distribution opportunities do you have available for
        selling this book?
8.   What price range would you say your book is worth?
9.   Has this work been published before?
10.  Are there any endorsements for your book?
11.  How did you hear about McClure Publishing?
12.  How much money do you have put to the side to market your book?
Book Trim Size:
  4.5 x 6.5 (pocket size)
  5.5 x 8.5
  6 x 9
  7 x 10
  8 x 10
  8.5 x 11
Book Cover Design:
Please give a brief description that best describes the book cover design you are looking for.  If submitting a drawing or JPEG file works for you, please email it to:

  Perfect Binding
  Hardcover
  Hardcover with dust jacket
  Spiral
How many copies of your book are you willing to purchase for printing?
  2,000
  3,000
  4,000
  5,000
  7,500
  10,000
  Other _________________



     - Proposal completely filled out
     - Author’s Bio with Headshot
     - Synopsis
Three Chapters (the first, second and the Seventh chapter - Hard copy should consist of margins 1.25 on every side; Double-Spaced; Doubled-Sided; paper clipped.

If you decide to mail it, do not include a self-address envelope.  Only send a copy of your first two chapters and the seventh chapter of your manuscript, along with the completed proposal, author’s bio with a head shot photo, and the synopsis of your book.  Never submit your original manuscript. 

We will contact you via phone or by email letting you know if you met our submission guidelines.  
The next step after approval, we would like to receive an electronic version (MSWord) by email of your complete manuscript, double-spaced with one inch margins.  We would then submit the contract for your review and comments. Once the contract has been agreed upon, at that time we will move forward with the process of getting your book published.  There are several steps involved to which we will discuss with you before moving forward.

McClure Publishing offers a publishing experience where we connect with you to meet your publishing needs.  You have creativity inside of you that must come out.  Believe that you can do anything you put your mind to do, and it will be accomplished.

Any questions concerning the above content please email us at

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